Travin’s Hold Notable Families

The Nimbletoes Family – Halfling

The Nimbletoes family is a relatively upscale halfling family that has lived in the Hold for as long as any care to remember.  The most notable historical ancestor is Finlan Nimbletoes, who was part of the famous adventuring party called The Azure Conclave.  After returning from several adventures into the depths, Finlan opted to stay in the burgeoning village and leverage his newfound wealth to help establish the town, while maintaining a luxurious lifestyle.  He optimistically founded the Crown Necklace, a jewelry store targeting the merchants and trade companies that had only recently begun to pass through Travin’s Hold between the Sword Coast and Eastern Kingdoms.  Since that time, the Nimbletoes have been a constant presence within the elite of Travin’s Hold, frequently serving as on the Council of Elders or as commander of the Town Militia.

The current generation of Nimbletoes is led by the matriarch, Piota.  She has a single child.  Piota also has several brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews.  Most either work in the Crown Necklace, travel with merchant companies or work in one of the shops in town.



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