Travin’s Hold Demographics and Overview

Triel (Travin’s Hold)

Population: 4,008, Size: 66 acres

  • Human (79%)
  • Halfling (9%)
  • Elf (5%)
  • Dwarf (3%)
  • Gnome (2%)
  • Half-Elf (1%)
  • Half-Orc (1%)

Travin’s Hold is built on the ruins of an ancient keep that predates the Netherese Empire.  It’s more common name (to outsiders) it Triel, which is elvish for “Old Stone.”  It sits along the crossroads of two major trade routes, one from the east to Baldur’s Gate, the other feeding into the Long Road and heading north to Waterdeep and Neverwinter beyond.

A number of merchant companies maintain offices in the Hold, and constitute the elite and influential members of the ruling Council of Elders.

The town maintains a moderate garrison of troops, some professional, some from the local families.  These troops serve as both town guards and as a ready military force to handle small scale conflict from wandering bands of monsters and bandits.

The town itself has a reasonable number of shops, taverns and inns, as befitting a trade town.  It has a disproportionate number of warehouses for goods of all classes.   There are 3 major temples in town, one to Waukeen, one to Tymora and an ancient, but smaller shrine to Mystra.  The shrine to Mystra is particularly notable because there are so few in Faerun.  It is the only structure in town that predates the Hold itself. It is frequently visited by Hedge Wizards and notable Archmages alike.  The High Priestess of Mystra is an elderly woman named Ariel.  She is known as a kindly and willing mentor for the children and needy in the town, but behind the warm exterior lies a quick mind and a puckish sense of humour.

The governing Council of Elders is a body of 5 individuals who make the laws.  Enforcement is left to the local troops, led by Sir Ran Oberon, a legendary local fighter who made a name of himself as an adventurer decades ago.  While Sir Smiles (as the local children call him) is kind and quick to laugh, he is a strict and fair adjudicator of the laws passed by the Council.   The current council consists of the full 5 members.

Mikhael Coulson is the wealthiest of the farmers in town.  His ability to charm and to make effective use of his fists and feet in a scrap have positioned him to serve as the de-facto representative for the few farmers that live in and near the town.  Gruff and stubborn, he is seen as the primary champion of the non-merchant families in town.

Tyler Jethro is the gnomish proprietor of Wonderous Decoction, the local alchemist shop.  He is an avid supporter of the Shrine to Mystra and makes a handsome living by providing potions and brews of all sorts to the merchants who travel through town.  It is rumoured that he receives a regular stipend from the Cormyr Trading Association, a large trading company that maintains a near monopoly on the flow of good east to west along the route.  Tyler is very protective of the best interests of The Hold, especially where they can be made to align with the interests of the Trade Companies.

Brother Jervis is the current ranking priest of Waukeen.  As the representative of the Goddess of Trade within the city, he is viewed as a strong ally of the trading companies, and perhaps not necessarily of the other residents of the Hold.  He is considered to be fairly sanctimonious and is accused of only focusing his efforts on behalf of the wealthy families who attend his ornate temple.

Piota Nimbletoes is a halfling jeweler, and owner of The Crown Necklace, which is a small shop in town that specializes in gems and jewelry.  It is said that she does a brisk trade in magical gems and jewelry.  She and her family have been long-time residents of the Hold, and it’s said that the Crown Necklace originally opened with a stock provided by her adventurer ancestors with goods found in the depths of the old Hold.

Ranmeer Dargotloth is the wealthiest resident of the town.  He gained most of his wealth through investment in a number of the trading companies that operate in and through The Hold.  He also runs or has an operating interest in a number of the stores in town.  He lives in Hallow House, a large manor complex that sits high atop one of the hills at the edge of town.  He maintains a sizable “House Guard” of mercenaries for personal protection.  Occasional conflict between his troops and the town militia has occurred in the past, but cooler heads have prevailed before a full-blown civil war erupted.  He is known to be very clever and charming, when needed.  He is the single most influential member of the Council.

There is a small but powerful Thieves’ Guild that operates from the back rooms of The Blue Brewery and serves as both a sales point for “found” goods and occasionally fulfills “special orders” from discreet clients.  The Guild, called The Blue Blades, generally seek to maintain a low profile and do not typically instigate trouble with the authorities.  The leader of the guild goes only by the name Hobb, and keeps a low profile.  His or her true identity is unknown by the general population.


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