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Travin’s Hold Notable Establishments

  Tavern: The Blue Brewery Owner: Patricia Hildenman, Female Human The tavern is a wooden two-story building, with a blue tile roof and elf-wrought furniture. A turtle serves as a mascot and greets customers. It contains a large grandfather clock and a fire pit cooking food in the middle of the tavern.  There are several […]

Travin’s Hold Demographics and Overview

Triel (Travin’s Hold) Population: 4,008, Size: 66 acres Demographics Human (79%) Halfling (9%) Elf (5%) Dwarf (3%) Gnome (2%) Half-Elf (1%) Half-Orc (1%) Travin’s Hold is built on the ruins of an ancient keep that predates the Netherese Empire.  It’s more common name (to outsiders) it Triel, which is elvish for “Old Stone.”  It sits […]