Travin’s Hold Notable Establishments


  • Tavern: The Blue Brewery
    • Owner: Patricia Hildenman, Female Human
    • The tavern is a wooden two-story building, with a blue tile roof and elf-wrought furniture. A turtle serves as a mascot and greets customers. It contains a large grandfather clock and a fire pit cooking food in the middle of the tavern.  There are several dark corners booths, perfect for discreet dealings.  This tavern is known to be the home of the Blue Blades, the local Thieves’ Guild.
  • Tavern: The Golden Meadery
    • Owner: Ricardo Sharps, Male Human
    • The tavern is a terra cotta simple building, with a red tile roof and a small vegetable garden. It contains an now empty cage that still hosts the bones of some long passed bird-like creature.  Ricardo refers to it as “Polly” and occasionally talks to it.  There is a huge collection of alcohol behind the bar.  It is known for the best mead within 100 leagues.
  • Inn: The Waypoint
    • Owner: Oliver Trench, Male Human
    • The Waypoint is a two-story Tudor-style building, with a slate roof and large vegetable garden, stables and a small field.  It is richly decorated and contains a signpost in the main taproom with signs pointing to landmark destinations.
  • Inn: Travin’s Rest
    • Owner: Grom Bronzehammer, Male Dwarf
    • Travin’s Rest is a three-story brick building, with a red tile roof and well kept gardens. It is the tallest building in the center of town.  Half of the booths and tables are sized for dwarves and halflings, half are for human and elf clients.  Behind the bar are a large number of kegs of various beers, wines and ales imported from various distant locales.
  • Blacksmith: The Defender’s Workbench
    • Owner: Lauren Fahrend, Female Human
    • The blacksmith is a adobe tower, with a black shingled roof and tile flooring. It contains antique cabinets filled with metal-crafted oddities and a forge in the shape of a dragon’s mouth. The building is covered in stone statues, from the old ruins, both inside and out.
  • Alchemist: Wondrous Decoction
    • Owner: Tyler Jethro, Male Gnome
    • The alchemist is a brick large single story building, with a brown tile roof and dead hedges, all oddly colored. It contains a high vaulted ceiling and red paper candles in unusual shapes all around the store. The owner also has a private backstore showroom where he purportedly sells less “common” concotions.
  • Jeweler: Crown Necklace
    • Owner: Piota Nimbletoes, Female Halfling
    • The jeweler is a plaster and wood framed single story building, with a heavily reinforced wooden door and beautiful flower gardens. There are always at least 2 armed guards in the store or at the door at all times.  The interior of the store is a quaint mixture of furniture and the display case holds an assortment of gems and jewelry, some magical.  Most have markings identical to those found on the ruins of the Old Hold.
  • General Store: Fleetfoot’s Stash
    • Owner: Otto Fleetfoot, Male Halfling
    • The general store is a plaster and wood framed two-story building, with a red tile roof and a decrepit well. A small dragon’s skull hangs over the hearth. It contains dozens of clocks, all set to chime at different times.  big bags of rice and lentils line the wall next to racks of clothing, spools of rope, an assortment of packs, lamps and other travel necessities.